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Is your business searching for a supplier of high quality wireless headphones?

NIAELEC is a professional manufacturer that produces and develops wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones.

We offer services such as putting your company's unique logo on the products,or professionaly customized packaging to be specially brand for your business that will surely distinguish you with your customers.

NIAELEC can prepare everything to your specifications , all to be deliveryed timely and reliably. Also, you can have a piece of mind knowing that NIAELEC guarantee our products and workmanship for up to a full year.

We will be offered tons of all-in-one solution to boost your business !



We creates extraordinary products for enhancing the wireless lifestyle. Now we are making more stylish and artistic headphones to meet consumers' needs, used anywhere, anytime, enriching everyday life.

Marina Ma - CEO


If you have any enquires to our products, please feel free to contact us.